Students - Rude Designs by Don Carlson
Grunge metal background

The Only Thing Mightier Than Creative Fire Is The Hand That Tends It!

I'm currently the Director of Facilities at a private school where I also created the welded sculpture program you're watching below for sixth through eighth grade students. It's a mini version or the welded sculpture program I developed at The Crucible located in Oakland, CA. 

Private welded sculpture lessons at my studio are available on select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It usually takes one 2.5 hour session to have a basic knowledge of torch cutting, and one 2.5 hour session for arc welding. Each can be taken individually or as one 5 hour lesson. You’ll leave each session with a cool metal sculpture. Click here Private Student Pictures to see past private student pictures and get an idea of what you’ll experience.Twenty to forty high-resolution digital images of your exciting visit are also included. Contact for information on rates and to schedule a private lesson.

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