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Fire In The Hole


Don Carlson has been welding for over 36 years, starting at Joliet (IL) Township High School's Adult Education Division and continuing in the Navy. After gaining work experience in the pipe and weld shop on-board the submarine tender, USS Jason, he attended the Navy's C-1 Welding School which specialized in the welding of high pressure piping systems on Navy vessels. In 1984, Don joined the Boilermaker's Union and became a certified Journeyman Welder at Honolulu Shipyard, HI, later transferring to Local #6 in Oakland, CA.

After leaving the Boilermaker's Union, Don spent the next several years as a carpenter doing extensive remodels and new home construction in Marin, CA. Simultaneously, he discovered his talent for writing comedy. By 1989, he landed a featured spot on the Morning Show at 92.3 KSJO. While still working his day-job, Don went on to write and produce comedy bits for five San Francisco Bay Area radio stations before finding a home at 106.1 KMEL in 1991. During his seven years at KMEL, Don wrote and produced comedy bits, parodies, and prank-calls, produced the "Rick Chase Show", and eventually had his own late night show.

In 1998 Don started using his welding skills to create metal sculpture and functional art. Since 1999, Don's work has been exhibited and commissioned in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has pieces in private collections throughout the United States and has juried numerous sculpture exhibits and competitions. From 1999 through 2006, Don developed the welded sculpture program, headed the Welding Department, and taught welded sculpture at The Crucible, an educational collaboration of arts, industry, and community located in Oakland, CA.

Don is currently the Director of Facilities at an independent school where he also created a welded sculpture program for sixth through eighth grade students... and then there's photography. Check it out at TheDigitalDon.com

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